Are You Suffering from Depression

I can help you get your life back using psychologically based, proven treatments to relieve depression. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about depression to help you understand if you are experiencing clinical depression and what you can do to overcome depression. It is so easy for people to become depressed. You may be experiencing depression. Depression is a common, treatable condition that affects millions of people over the course of their lifetimes. Depression hurts can causes deep pain and distress. Most often, depression is a reaction to life stressors such as loss of loved ones, relationship issues, home life, job and work stress, etc). Depression can also be caused by a number of other stressors such as:

  • Life transitions
  • Unresolved childhood issues such past trauma, abuse or neglect
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Relationship issues
  • Medical problems
  • Work related issues and stress
  • Biological factors such as family history of depression or hormonal inbalance
  • Depression is twice as common in women
  • Other psychiatric disorders, such anxiety disorders

What is Major Depression?

Major Depression is a severe Mood Disorder that can become chronic if left untreated. It’s a syndrome that is not a normal reaction to life’s difficulties. You may be experiencing a major depression if you consistently have at least 5 or more of the symptoms described below over a two week period:

  • Depressed mood throughout most of the day
  • Significantly less interest in things
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Suicidal thoughts or preoccupation with death
  • Appetite changes: either too little or increased
  • Feeling agitated, frantic or being comatose, both are observable by others
  • Feeling worthless or guilty most of the time
  • Loss of energy/fatigue
  • Difficulty thinking or concentrating

How Do I Get Help to Overcome My Depression?

If you suspect you may be depressed you should get help right away. You can feel better. There are effective therapy treatments for depression. Treatment of depression does not always need to involve being on antidepressants (although you may feel that it is the only choice). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy primarily focuses on your symptoms. You will you learn skills to help you resolve your negative moods. While this approach is helpful, sometimes deeper issues are causing your depression. Depth Therapy: The “Depth Therapy” approach seeks to get to the root of the problem and identifying what is causing your depression. Your depression is viewed as a symptom of and underlying problem/problems that have not been resolved. These can be current or may relate to your past such as unrecognized problems with your relationships, work, career, etc. Please call me today and take the next steps to improve and live a happier, more fulfilled life.



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